Accessorize your baby

Since there’s no news from Abi, who apparently is being stubborn about her desire to remain in the womb, we decided instead to show off Benjamin, in some of his new accessories. He’s only recently been willing to keep things on his head — and he seems to now realise that its kind of funny when he wears these things, and the look on his face is a testament to his self-amusement…
The Beach Boy look
The jock look
The Frank Sinatra look. I told you anyone would look cool in a fedora…
More silly styles and antics in the Flickr feed.

5 thoughts on “Accessorize your baby

  1. Hi Guys
    Bali is awesome! but not as awesome as Ben. We have tried, unsuccessfully to text you guys but nothing goes through. We are headed to the island shortly and hopefully can set up Skype there. Will try our phones again.

  2. Frank Sinatra look is by far my favourite. He looks especially handsome in the fedora! Not everyone can pull off a Fedora, sometimes they look a little like a pimp gangster gone horribley wrong! (KEVIN)

  3. I can NOT believe how BIG Ben is! Obviously, I have been out of touch with you guys and your blog! Hope all is well! – Rob (Molly and Madi)

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