iPhoto Bloat

iPhotoMy iPhoto library was huge! And that’s an under-statement, cause I’m not talking about twice or even three times the size of the actual photos. I’m talking nearly 10 times.
My collection of photos from 2001 until now weighs in at 6.4GB, but my iPhoto Library was 76GB. I’d always just assumed it worked that way and kept backing it up from Mac to Mac. But finally I got fed up and took a look inside.
If your iPhoto Library is huge and you’ve had one or more iPods with which you sync photos, you might want to follow these steps:
– Find your iPhoto Library (usually in your Pictures folder)
– Right-click on it and choose “Show Package Contents”
– Open the Contents folder
– Find the iPod Photo Cache folder
– Right click on it and choose “Get Info”
If its huge, its gotta go! iPhoto can rebuild this if it needs it, but odds are you’ve got caches of old sync pairings with a previous iPod or an iPod that you’ve since restored. Its totally safe to delete, and aside from a long sync next time you plug in your iPod, it will self-heal (to a smaller, more manageable size…

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