Abi/Abe News (or complete lack thereof)

Its starting to look like that whole “expect her to come early” thing isn’t really true at all. Not that it should be a surprise. Predicting due dates isn’t so much a science as it is a wild guess.
We had an ultrasound this morning, but it was mostly just a big waste of time. First of all, the baby’s legs were crossed so we were unable to confirm its gender, and we both really wanted some re-assurance that we’ve purchased the right color accessories. Secondly, the baby is big enough now that she’s really packed in there quite tight, and the two pictures they managed to get of the face show her squished up so tight that its nearly impossible to tell what’s what.
Ultrasounds are really annoying because the bulk of the work is done by a tech, who takes pictures and points out things that don’t look anything like what they say they are. Then they leave and you sit alone in a dark room for half an hour — Nicole still with her belly gelled up. In his own sweet time the doctor saunters in, spends about 60 seconds doing what the tech did, and then walks away.
This time, after his 60 second review, he turned to us and, with some disappointment on his face, announced “average.” As if he were hoping for a mutant of some kind. “Its an average-sized baby. Good bye.” And left.
Thanks doc, that was a great use of our morning. I’ve decided that Abi will, for now, be Abi/Abe, in case she turns out to be a boy. We’d never actually name anyone that, but it seems like we shouldn’t be too specific about gender until we meet them…

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