I think we'll go to Boston

Scratch that last post, cause we have a better plan.
It turns out that Boston is closer to us that New York City is — driving distance, anyway. We’ve never been, though, because every time someone comes to visit they want to go NYC. No one will go to Boston with us, and we haven’t found an excuse to go on our own. Meanwhile, Nic has the NYC subway map completely memorized.
We’re right at the end of our time here in the States, not to mention our pregnancy, but we’ve decided we’re going to pull off one more trip. We’re leaving Sunday morning, checking into the hotel in Foxborough, then heading to Boston to see what we can see in a half-day. Its short, but its better than nothing — I’m going to get me some real New England Clam Chowder (thanks Bill!)
And yes, mom, we’ll be back before March. We’ll be back on Tuesday, in fact. And we’ll figure out where all the hospitals are along the way, in case anyone comes down with a case of labor while we’re exploring…

One thought on “I think we'll go to Boston

  1. Have fun in Boston! I grew up in Ayer, Massachusetts, about a 45 minute drive West of Boston, and have been to Cambridge and Boston many times. Quincy Market was always a favorite of mine. The Charles River is nice in the summer and fall. Harvard Square, Harvard University and M.I.T. are all in close proximity in Cambridge.
    If you are driving around the Boston area, Concord and Lexington are about a 25 minute drive West. 2 historic towns, Walden Pond, and all that.
    Depends what you are in for… I lived in NYC for 14 years, now in Westchester, and love New York, but Boston is still a great city to me… I’m sure you’ll love it!

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