A Series of Tubes

bengownthumb.jpgSo we all got up at 5:00am this morning, dragged our butts half an hour to the other side of downtown Albany, and checked-in for surgery, right on time, at 6:00am. Thereafter, the only bump was when the receptionist forgot to mark us as being there, and we sat for 45 minutes, watching person after person who’d arrived later than us go in. Finally, I went up to the counter to give them an earful, and things started moving along very quickly.
The nurses were all in love with Benjamin, who after getting over his amazement and confusion about being out of bed so early, was very well behaved and basically the kind of baby that makes his parents look very good. We didn’t complain, and we happily pretended he always behaves that way.
They gave him a little gown (click the picture to zoom in!) then asked the same 6 questions about 6 different times, and finally the surgeon arrived to whisk him away. He was in surgery for about 20 minutes, and in recovery for about 10 before we could see him.
If you peruse through the Flickr feed, you’ll see a couple shots taken after he got out. He was a little upset with us, and very, very thirsty, but after he pounded back three bottles of apple juice, he was pretty much back to his old self. We’ve spent the better part of the day catching up on our sleep, after a pretty tough morning, but otherwise, we’re all doing fine. Benjamin is back to running around the house like nothing happened, and he even helped me make some Valentine’s Day cards for all his aunts, grandmas and girlfriends.
He is allowed to swim, which is great, because that’s one of his favorite activities. He needs ear-plugs if the water is dirty, but for baths and clean (not-public) pools, he’s allowed to get water in his ears, although it may cause some discomfort. We’ll probably stick to ear-plugs just to be on the safe side, but its good to know it’ll be life as usual. The doctor said there was a ton of fluid in there that he vacuumed out, and there may still be some draining and pain, but our little guy should be sleeping a lot better, and hearing better now too.
Thank you to everyone who was praying for us and thinking about us this morning!

2 thoughts on “A Series of Tubes

  1. I just wanted to tell you guys that he is absolutely adorable!!! It pulls my heart a bit to see him in the hospital gown, but it’s SO good to hear all went well. And have I told you guys he’s stinkin cute! If he’s looking for another dual citizen to hook up with once he’s back in Canada give us a call and we can introduce him to Savannah! :O)

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