Its entirely possible that this was the best day ever…

– I worked from home today, because I earned it driving yesterday. I love being around my family!
– My project, and the larger project which it is a part of, passed the 3rd decision point in the release process this morning. The final phase is regression testing, which I will only be involved in if something goes wrong.
– I found out that I’ll still have a job when we move to Canada. Details are yet to be ironed out, but my boss and my bosses boss want to keep me around!
– Our new TV arrived from Amazon today, 5 days early. It is big and beautiful and much lighter than the old TV. 40 inches of 1080p looks amazing.
– To top it all off, I beat Halo 1 this evening. This is the first time ever that I’ve beat a video game by myself, and I feel that this is an important accomplishment!
Ben’s in the bath, and when he’s done and off to dreamland, I’m going to have a glass of wine and cuddle up with my wife and watch some HD TV… Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Its entirely possible that this was the best day ever…

  1. Just randomly popping in to say i am so happy that things are going your way. And I am so excited that your coming home and you have a job to come too!

  2. by saying you will have a glass of wine.. does that mean your arbor mist?? LOL… if so…. we have a bottle of some good wine we can give you!

  3. hey man…sounds like a truly great day!! Question…say i drop my macbook and the screen is some what cracked…not the actual screen it just looks that way. Am I screwed?

  4. Hey Jon.
    Hate regression testing! lol
    I have to tell you, I just saw 30 Days of Night on Blu-Ray on the PS3 and it looks EXTREMELY GOOD! I mean, I have seen hundreds of movies (though I’m not a qualified reviewer or expert on the audio/visual dept. it’s a good hobby I guess and I can surely separate a bad image from a good one ;-)) but definitely nothing beats the transfer of a Blu-ray disc.
    Just posting ’cause you were interested from one of my posts.
    Sorry for not getting to you earlier, too much Call of Duty 4 😉
    Take care.

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