New Year, Big Changes

The 2007 re-cap is coming, just as soon as I find some time/clarity to pull it together. Meanwhile, its 2008 and its going to be a big year… as the new banner implies, its likely to have its tough moments for us, but hopefully all of this will be worth it in the long run. But more about that stuff later.
For now, a few minor changes worth noting…
First of all, the site has been updated. If it looks a little weird, clear your cache or force a proper refresh to see the uh-mazing new header image I made. It’s 12 layers of Photoshoppy goodness, using a few new tricks I learned on the Internets. I was really hoping to roll out a new 3-column theme, so I could get more good stuff on the sidebar, but they’re all ugly.
Secondly, and on a geeky note, the Home Theater Mac Mini is being replaced by an XBox 360! I’m stoked to have an actual current gaming machine in there — even though I don’t have any games, and probably won’t buy any either. But I’m a little disappointed in Apple. They made a move toward taking on the living room, but then totally backed down after the AppleTV came out. The Mac Mini will still act as the media server and retriever and the iMac is up on eBay. The XBox just has more features, plus an online Marketplace where you can rent HD movies — which is way better than investing in an HD or Bluray DVD player right now.
As an aside, I’m using Connect360 to share my iTunes/iPhoto and Videos with the XBox and it works like a charm.
In conclusion, I am a Photoshop genius, and my new XBox is awesome.

3 thoughts on “New Year, Big Changes

  1. xbox 360=amazing as a media center.
    the fan is too loud though in my opinion…probably the only thing I don’t like about having one serving as our media center. I think I might have to set up an external cooling system for ours.

  2. Karl, you’re right. Even in our media cabinet behind a glass door, the thing sounds like a jet plane. Stupid PPC chips…
    Thanks Jon! Do you still play Halo 3? Cause I’d love it if someone gave me Halo 3 :-p

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