Happy Birthday, buddy!

Although I’ve managed to find WiFi almost everywhere we’ve been, my Craptop has not been behaving, so getting online hasn’t been a frequent occurrence. The iPhone manages to keep me from withdrawal symptoms, though, and things are usually pretty quiet around the Internets this time of year. I had to come out of my blogcation to share this picture with you. There will be lots more when we get home, but I had to post at least one.
Benjamin’s birthday was yesterday, and even though he’s got a Christmas birthday, he hasn’t been short on gifts. Thank you to everyone who loaded him up with more stuff than we’ll be able to carry home with us. Here’s the little man himself, enjoying a birthday cake made by Aunt Pammy.

He’s now in the bathtub, having covered his whole upper half with cake and icing, and will likely be on a sugar high for the next few hours. Getting him to sleep tonite should be an adventure!

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