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So for the last couple days, they’ve been warning about the “severe weather” that was coming. Churches shut down, people (us included) scrambled to the malls to do their shopping, and we all prepared for the worst. We rented some more episodes of 24, and even bought a snow shovel. Earlier in the week, we got hit with a pile of snow that caught me by surprise and slowed the highways to a near halt on my way home from work. So this time we were going to be prepared.
The storm did come — but it was spread out across the better part of two days, and wasn’t nearly as bad as they predicted. Not even as bad as what we got earlier. Nonetheless, I took the excuse to work from home today, and enjoyed being in my pajamas and taking breaks to play with Benjamin — in between coding like crazy and a long con-call with the guys in India.
Toward the end of the day I got tapped to help troubleshoot a problem at work, so I closed the door and dialed in from my cell phone. There were two other guys on the line trying to figure out what was going wrong when suddenly there was a bang on my door, followed by:
BLOOOOObububub-bubb Dadadada thhhbbt?
The guys on the line went silent, trying to figure out what the sound was, then there were 3 more bangs, and:
All pretense of professionalism gone, I explained that we had a monster living with us, and I’d have to lock him back in his cage before we could continue.
Both of them were dad’s themselves, so they understood perfectly.

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  1. Just think…this is the Christmas where the tree goes IN the playpen while Ben stays just out of reach of all the sparklies. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas to you, Nic and Ben.

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