13434 Lines of Code

I’ve been a little stressed lately. I get home from work late and my back is like steel coils wrapped up in knots. I haven’t been terribly social. And I’m not good for much more than coding and sleeping…
Two brand new displays, designed and engineered from scratch. 13434 lines of code. Two grid developers on and then gone (bye ObiShawn!) More bugs than I care to count — with about a 1:6 signal-to-noise ratio. A half dozen “voice of customer” sessions. A ridiculous number of arguments about the validity and use of the “toggle button…”
But we’re approaching the end. My boss called it a “16 month pregnancy” which seems to be a pretty good analogy right about now. If it ships on time, I will personally buy all the developer’s still on the project a good, stiff drink — which shouldn’t be hard, because I’m pretty much the only one left now. Still, its my baby, and its either gonna “wow them” or I’ll… move to the QA department, or something…
Two more weeks, and we’ll find out if it’ll be allowed out the door. Two more weeks and I can breathe again.

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