Mission Accomplished

Today was our annual border run, where we update our Visa’s and get approval to re-enter the country. Aside from one cranky border guard (although we couldn’t blame him, cause it was freezing cold) everything went smooth, and we’re allowed to stay here for another year.
However, as of now we don’t have valid New York driver’s licenses, cause they conveniently expire with our Visa’s, so we’ll have that paperwork to do on Monday. This time, though, I have a plan, that once in motion should get me my full Motorcycle license upon our eventual return to Ontario — without having to go through any more steps in our annoying graduated licensing program.
Paper work aside, I am very lucky to have the job I do in the place we live. Glad we’ve got another 12 months available to experience it.

4 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Glad to have you “back” (not that you really left). Love to read about the family, life, politics, you know, just stuff…

  2. u will be required to have held a fully licensed (motorcycle endorsement) for two years to be able to return and bypass the graduated license program in ontario.
    not sure bout other provinces.
    2years is the key though.

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