Hot or Not?

A couple new things on the site for you to check out:
– Posts can now be rated. After the whole ClickComments fiasco, I’m a little gun-shy about putting this up, but this plug-in prevents multiple clicks from the same user, so hopefully this will be more useful for actual feedback. As before, this is for all of you out there (you know who you are) who read the posts, but keep your thoughts on them to yourself. Now you can let us know what you think without having to actually write a comment.

– The Flickr feed is updating with some pictures from Thanksgiving, and other fall events — as sparse as they may be.
– Here’s a video we put together of Benjamin doing a couple of his favorite things: wandering around the house, and watching the bathtub fill up. Its from the digi-cam, not the crappy camcorder, so although the white balance is better, the frame-rate sucks and I had to do massive adjustments to the audio to make it sound like we weren’t shooting the video inside a jet engine. Not our best work, but I figured I’d get it up there for the grandparents…

One thought on “Hot or Not?

  1. This Grandpa thanks you for your efforts at keeping us in the loop. We miss our family so much, but your video, pictures and blogs ease the pain considerably.

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