The Monotony Train…

…with stops at Routine, Repetitiveness and Cabin Fever, is now out of service!
It’s taken nearly 2 months, but we’re finally back in charge of our lives and making things happen again. Routine, as boring as it can be, is always a useful tool in establishing a baseline. Its from a foundation of effective routine that you can start building new and more exciting things into your life.
Our routine got thrown out, and we realised we’d surrendered control to outside influences. So we started again, defining a new routine: adjusting to it, adapting it, and disciplining ourselves on it. And now we’re ready to step out again.
Thursday we go for the ultrasound that will hopefully tell us what the sex of Baby #2 is. Nicole actually wants to know this time, so I won’t have to keep it a secret for the next 7 months!
Last time, when Nic didn’t want to know, everyone had a guess — and almost everyone guessed right. If you’ve got an idea this time, head on over to the poll on the sidebar, and let us know what you think. If the ultrasound can see the necessary details, we’ll let you know on Friday.
Thursday night, Nic’s sister Pam is also arriving, for a long-weekend visit. Nic and Pam sorta look alike, but they have very different personalities. I love them both dearly, but I suspect that by the end of the weekend, I’ll have had enough girl-talk to last me until Christmas.
Monday I board a plane to head to Green Bay. I’m very much looking forward to this trip — to understanding our product’s history better, planning for its future, and getting to know the people who brought it to life. Plus I get a rental car with a GPS in it, and a hotel with a pool…
I’ll get back on Friday, and then Saturday load Benjamin into the car for a day-long road trip back to Canada. I’ve got the iPhone loaded up with 4 audio books (as well as a 20 CDs, a dozen NES games, and 2 full-length movies) for the road, and I’m hoping Ben sleeps most of the way.
When I get there I’m gonna help my Dad-in-law load up Boot Camp on his new iMac, and get in a quick visit with an old friend Sunday morning before I drive back to NY, leaving Ben behind with his grandparents.
The day after I get back, Nic and I fly out for Florida. We’re staying at a 4-star hotel, on the beach, and we’ve rented a convertible for our stay there. Its about a 2 hour drive to Universal Studios, where we’ll spend the time we’re not laying out on the sand.
Again, a huge thank you to everyone who helped out with our vacation fund. We appreciate you!!
When we get back from that, Nic will head to Ontario to visit her fam for a few days and pick up Ben, and I’ll be helping my employer recruit some fresh new college students who can do our grunt work join our team.
That’ll get us through to November, a month with two long weekends, and hopefully, some new opportunities to serve in ministry — with a little less commitment of time than our previous efforts.
After weeks of having a pretty bleak calendar, I am relishing the thought of having some action in life again. I have no intention of blogging while on vacation, but we’ll be sure to post lots of pictures when we get back.

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