Learning to get around

Over the past couple months Benjamin has gotten more and more mobile. A little over 3 weeks ago he took his first tentative step. Since then we’ve pretty much had to trick him into walking — distract him with a toy or something so he doesn’t realise he’s not holding on to anything. Last week he could take a step or two, and this weekend he started to get a lot more confident.
I imported a ton of footage from the past few months, and rendered it out on this poor iMac G4 — I’m sure it nearly died doing it. Its been awhile since I worked the FinalCut magic, and I’m stuck on Express now, but here’s a brief history of our son’s locomotion skills. The best part is right at the end…

6 thoughts on “Learning to get around

  1. What a lovely video I found on your website this am! It is wonderful to be able to watch your son’s progress. Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to share it with others.

  2. Benjamin is so lucky to have such a smart Daddy documenting his milestones of his first year in such a fine fashion! I love the music…it so fits all the action. Now he’s walking…boy..you thought you were busy before…watch out now!!

  3. Amazing little guy! We miss seeing him grow up but are so grateful for the technology that allows us to follow him so closely. Thanks Jon and Nic- you are awesome parents.

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