There's no escaping from the bass

Both parts of my project went Alpha 2 today, at two demos for select customers and integrators. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive — and most of the questions/suggestions were things that I already had a good answer for. It still a long haul until release (and I have to break in a new grid guy ;o) but today was a very affirming one.
Some of my ideas are tough to sell internally — not because they’re that radical, simply because they’re a departure from the norm or contrary to established standards. So when the actual users weigh in with their approval, its a huge relief and encouragement… and not so bad for the ol’ self esteem either.
I have to say though, I sure am glad I don’t have any thing else to do all weekend. My brain is fried!
PS: Say happy birthday to jonandnic dot com! We’re 7 years old!!

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