What a weekend feels like

Sunday we had one of the nicest days of the summer — right at the very end.
The team got back from NYC late Friday night, after a great trip. We couldn’t be more proud of all of them. They served their butts off, and generally had a great time doing it. The only way we could have been happier is if we were with them!
Saturday we spent with Allison, who came from Ontario to go on the trip. She filled us in on everything she experienced and learned… and then she went shopping — and boy did she shop.
1315836407_9f79f898d1.jpgSunday we put her on the train, and then met up with Jason, Brooke and her sister Jess, and headed north to a beach. After almost 2 years here, we finally found a beach! We met up with the other Jason, and my good friend Dave Bookhout (one of the first times we’ve hung out together without having to talk shop) and chilled on the beach all afternoon. We went kayaking, swimming, and ate BBQ. In the evening, Brooke made us pot roast and we vegged on the couch until Benjamin was ready for bed. It was wonderful.
Today was a little more productive. I put in a couple hours at work, and we both puttered around the apartment getting odd jobs done — when we weren’t hanging out at the pool with Ben. Lots is changing these days, but its shaping up to be an interesting 8 months or so! Check out the pictures in the Flickr bar, and make sure you hit refresh on the site to see the new theme.

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