So we have two weddings to go to this weekend, but as they’re in two different countries, we had to chose. Family wins, of course, and we’ll be driving home tonite for the wedding, but we’re still very happy for our friends here in the States who are getting hitched.
Congratulations to Cindy and Jeremy who will be wed tomorrow afternoon. And to Jeremy and Shelly (obviously a different Jeremy) who tie the knot on Sunday afternoon!

3 thoughts on “Nuptials

  1. I also have weddings to attend on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon – what a popular weekend for weddings! (I mean, no more popular than the following weekend, when my parents and another special couple I know celebrate wedding anniversaries!)

  2. just wanted to thank you guys for coming to our wedding, it meant so much to have you there to share the big day with us!! hope the trip was worth it! love you both plus benj and the unborn!!!! so excited for you two! xoxoxoxoxox

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