Well… Here we are…

Well, I told myself that by the end of today, I wanted to have a clear enough picture of where God wanted us for the next 8-12 months, that I’d be able to blog about it. I got the picture loud and clear today.
The four of us are going to work on just being a family this year.
Yup, you read right — the 4 of us. The news is generally out, so I apologize to the people we didn’t get to in person. We’re going to have another baby.
I’m gonna be honest, this is not where I thought we were being led… but I’ll readily admit, I’ve been wrong before. And it turns out I was quite wrong this time, and I guess I owe a few people an apology for that.
Nonetheless, its been a blast, and I’m honestly kinda happy for the opportunity to focus on us for awhile. No one has ever given me permission to worry about my own health, and I’ve always been the kinda guy who just tries to push through everything — and I guess I’ve carried that into family life.
But there’s no pushing through this one — its time for our family to grow and to heal and to figure out who we are.
So I won’t say I’m not disappointed… or confused… or hurt, or sad, or any of those other things that come with failure and with change. But I can say with confidence, that I’m at peace, and that I’m ready for this challenge — for our own challenge. For the first time in a decade, its gonna be about us for awhile, and the things God wants for us.
Meanwhile, you’re welcome to drop by and visit with us. You’ll find us together, in our home. Which is where I want to be until baby #2 is ready to face the world. We’ll be back out there again — but not until God sends us out.

12 thoughts on “Well… Here we are…

  1. We are delighted that the news is out, and happy to be even more entrenched in the grandparent role. Congratulations to you both. We bet Ben will be delighted when he finds out as well!

  2. Congrats guys. Pretty much all my “teenager years” friends are on baby # 2 now. I have lot of catching up to do….but not anytime in the near furture.
    I hope that you feel great peace with this news and with the months ahead.

  3. That is fantastic news! Congratulations! But, you could have given us a little longer to try to catch up. By the time we have kids, yours may be old enough to babysit ours!

    So happy for the both of you and little Ben… wish I was around London when you were home for a visit… Miss ya Nic.. btw your son is VERY cute!!!

  5. Congrats Jon & Nic! That’s amazing news. I’m going to use some “American phrasing” now – I know that you are still probably getting over the “shock”, but I think that god plans a lot of “Awe” for you and your family.
    Enjoy and God Bless!

  6. An official congrats to the three of you! We are so happy for you. Sorry we missed you again this weekend 🙁

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