The Wise Family Pharmacy

On the plus side, I’m finally feeling like a human being again… On the negative side, this whole week was a complete and utter waste. I slept through 2 solid days, waking up only to take more drugs and wipe off the cold sweat clinging to me. I kept a cup next to my bed — a spittoon, if you will — because swallowing was often too painful to be worth it. I won’t tell you about the alternatives to Kleenex that I invented.
The next two days I watched an inordinate amount of children’s television with Benjamin. Did you know that Sesame Street is still on? Some of the same actors are even still in it. The Cookie Monster still makes me giggle, and Ernie and Bert still make me laugh out loud.
Last night, after washing my hands carefully, I picked up my son for almost the first time in 2 weeks (he and Nicole were gone to camp last week) and man, what a change! The little guy, who used to be a marshmallow, has gotten a lot more wiry. It’s probably his newly discovered mobility skills, finally working off all that baby fat. He can pull himself up to standing now, using… well pretty much anything. But he doesn’t know how to sit back down — which frustrates him to no end. We try to teach him to bend his knees first, but I guess his little body just hasn’t acquired that skill yet. He is coping though. The first couple times he would just let go of whatever he was holding on to and let his body fall backward like a tree. After doing that for awhile, and not very much liking the impact, he’s learned to turn toward the ground and hold his arms out in front of him before he starts falling. It would still go much better for him if he could bend his knees, but he doesn’t seem to mind. It gets him in the right position for crawling — which he loves to do, and can do at an impressive speed now.
As much as I enjoyed my week at home (not) I’m greatly looking forward to getting back in the game. I visited the doctor again today, because my sore throat hasn’t gone away, and my temperature seems to fluctuate wildly, and was given a new battery of drugs to try (including more of those great American painkillers, which I will summarily ignore, and eventually flush) but I’m back at it tomorrow anyway. We have 2 weeks left until the missions trip, and there’s wayy too much to do before then!
PS: The pills aren’t all mine! Some are Ben’s and Nic’s vitamins!

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