So this is awesome. I’ve been sick since… I guess Saturday was when I started feeling a little weird. We had a wonderful time hanging out at the park for the Production/Facilities team BBQ after church, but when I got home it really hit me. The slightest breeze from the air conditioner made me wretch.
My temperature was hanging out just shy of 102 for the past 2 days, finally dropping to the 100 range today, but yesterday my throat was really hurting and this morning it felt like it was swollen nearly shut.
I finally went to the walk-in clinic, where both the doctor and the nurse looked down my throat, their faces reflecting something like horror… apparently it looks pretty bad down there.
Anyway, I’m supposed to take the next 2 days off. Not particularly happy about that — but considering they thought it might be mono, I guess it could be worse…

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