It's always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile.

Yesterday, after a 2 hour meeting where I had to do most of the talking, I handed off part one of the project I’ve essentially been working toward since I started to QA. Although officially the project didn’t take off until about February, the idea has existed in one iteration or another for quite some time, finally finding a home in the next version of my teams primary product. It’s been my personal crusade to get this done, and although its still months away from shipping, this is a major milestone.
To celebrate that, among other things — like our birthdays and anniversary (which actually isn’t until August, but we’ll be on a missions trip, so won’t get to celebrate then) — Nicole and I are taking the weekend off. Starting today.
slugs.jpgLast night we had our posse of students over for a movie night. We watched Flushed Away, which turned out to be hilarious (when the 2 slugs go to high-five each other, and then their faces fall with disappointment as they realise they have no arms, we all cracked up), and prayed together, and it was a really nice evening. We haven’t actually had the crew together since the start of June and we really missed them!
Today is a day for bumming around and odd jobs that I’ve been ignoring in the race to the Alpha release. Tomorrow we ditch Benjamin with the first of a string of babysitters and start heading north. We have a dinner theater for lunch in Lake George, a hotel in Pottersville, and a Lantern-lit cave tour in Plattsburgh lined up, but I’m sure we’ll find other places to relax along the way.
A couple other items worth mentioning before we drop off the ‘Net for the weekend:
Some of our friends from our church at home in Canada are off to Jamaica tomorrow for a 2 week long missions trip. Aside from being a little jealous (our missions trip is to Staten Island — not quite as exotic as theirs) we’re really proud of them, and really excited for the things God’s going to teach them (and the people staying behind) on this trip.
Ed Young is going to be at Northway Church this weekend (and I don’t have to run a single service! w00t!) and if you’re in the area you need to check him out at one of the services. We’ll be at the Malta 11:30 service (sitting in the congregation for a change), and I’m looking forward to finding out what all the fuss is about. I’ve never heard him speak before, but his church is one of the biggest and most respected in the States, and everyone on staff is really pumped to have him here.
More news is brewing, but that’s all for now. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what’s next! Meanwhile, there’s some new pics coming in the sidebar for you to check out. Have a great weekend everyone!

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