I am such a geek

My keyboard is…
– connected to a Windows PC over USB
– then connected to a Mac over Synergy
– then connected to a PC over a virtual USB port in a hosted Virtual Machine
– then connected to another PC over a remote desktop connection
No wonder my key mappings aren’t working properly. Just for kicks, I should try VNCing from that last PC in the chain to my Mac at home…

5 thoughts on “I am such a geek

  1. what happens when you VNC from the last computer in the chain to the first computer in the chain, and then move the mouse ever so slightly… does it keep moving in an infinite loop?
    who knows, but it could be fun to find out. 😛

  2. So Bates just found a way to play Portal with essentially a really long cable looped through 4 computers and 2 operating systems just so you can do what again?
    and one more thing, I HATE MY JOB! did i tell you?

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