Just Keeps Getting Cuter…

This past week Benjamin’s made some huge leaps in development. From the painful looking frog-hop/belly flop, he’s figured out how to put one hand in front of the other and do a real, honest-to-goodness crawl. He still only does it about half the time — when the road gets difficult, he’ll switch back to the belly hop, but he can do it if he wants to.
He also shares his daddy’s passion for electronic gadgets, and especially likes to put shiny things like iPods and cameras into this mouth. He loves to bang on the keyboard to help daddy with his programming.  In fact, he frequently says “DADADADADADA” while he does it!
And finally, this evening, he pulled himself up to a standing position using the couch… then fell flat on his face. Right now he’s crawling back and forth between me in the bedroom and mommy in the kitchen, looking for someone to feed him.

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