Am I Alive in Thoughts that Drift Away?

Yesterday I spent just shy of 12 hours on a train. Its normally an 8 hour drive from Canada to our home in New York. My bum still hurts.
This weekend was long. Some day I’m going to actually use my vacation time to vacation.
That day is not likely to come soon.
I really want to try this. Its like hyper-miling in your car, only cooler.
The guy in the cubicle behind me just farted. And not quietly either. He just let it rip.
Only babies and old people can get away with that.
Babies can get away with a lot of stuff that adults can’t. Nobody cheers for me when I finish my dinner.
July is not going to be a good month for me. Nic and Ben are home in Canada all this week, and I’m stuck in our apartment alone.
This morning the power went out and I had to shower in the dark, and dress by candle light.
I didn’t put my shirt on backward.
Nothing is working right at work. I had hoped that after going home for the weekend, I’d come back and it would magically work again.
I was wrong…
Transformers was a good movie. But the Citroen Transformer was better.
I have a recurring nightmare in which my high school calls me up, and informs me that there was an error… 10 years ago, and I have to repeat 11th grade.
I’m tired.

One thought on “Am I Alive in Thoughts that Drift Away?

  1. I’ll save you the worry and just call the school to morrow to find out for you.
    Try to have a great rest of the week!

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