Attention Lurkers, Creepers and Other Silent Website Participants

OK, I’m trying out a new plug-in for the blog. According to Google Analytics, we get an average of 110 visits a day, with each visitor saying at least long enough to read one or two posts. But comments? Not so much…
Now I’ve long maintained that this site doesn’t exist for comments — but it sure is nice to know if people enjoy or are intrigued by my babbling at all. I know I have a somewhat random assortment of topics — from baby news, to geek gadgets, to weekly updates, to faith related ponderings — and that not everyone visits the site for the same reasons. But I’d like to think that each of you find at least something interesting about the blog — or else, why do you keep coming?
Originally, with eXpression, the barrier to commenting was too high. You had to create an account just to comment. I fixed that in eXpression, and later in WordPress, and we do get a few more comments now. But I know that there are lots of you lurkers out there, who read the blog regularly but don’t say anything. I also know that there are a few of you who comment just to say “cool” or something similar. So this new feature is aimed at these two groups of people.
If you read something and want to discuss it, or add your two cents, or disagree with it, please feel free to write lengthy comments! I am a fan of the written word, and as much as I like to read my own writing… other people’s is much more interesting.
But if you read something and enjoy it, or appreciate the effort that went in to it, or generally just want to encourage the author, and aren’t the type who likes to write long comments, check out the little strip of buttons at the bottom of each post. Each button can communicate to us what you think of the post. You don’t have to register, or put in your e-mail address. There’s no form to fill out, and no one knows who you are so you can still lurk away in anonymity. Just click a button to let us know you came by and found our stories and thoughts were worth reading.
Update: Please do not abuse the buttons!

7 thoughts on “Attention Lurkers, Creepers and Other Silent Website Participants

  1. you need a button for lol. that’s gotta be my fav. If only we had the phrase ‘lol’ during the eastwood days…just making eye contact with each other and saying ‘lol’ would pretty much cover any situation. lol.

  2. Jonathan, thanks for using ClickComments
    Shannon, we are glad you enjoy it
    Chris, we are working on that. for wordpress is does get into the feed for full posts, for other platforms it doesn’t.
    Kathy, the ‘entertaining’ icon is supposed to cover that. we will be upgrading our icons soon.

  3. I don’t appreciate the “don’t abuse the buttons” comment. I feel like it is directed towards me and I was only trying to be considerate of the buttons. LOL

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