OK…I might have lied

I might get an iPhone. We’ll see what the geek sites have for news today, and if its even possible to get one tonite…
We’ll see…
PS: Verizon wants everyone to know, that they’re open today too. Good luck with that guys.
Update: Went by the Apple Store and the AT&T store in the mall at lunch today. The AT&T store had about 6-8 people in line. The Apple store had 35-40. The first guy in line was there at 4:45 this morning. Store employees are not allowed to say how many they have in stock, but Steve recently promised iPhones to all full time employees, so it sounds like they’re not hurting for supply. The Apple Store closed at 1:30, and will re-open at 6:00pm when the iPhone goes on sale. All 40 employees are working tonite.
Details aside, this is kinda fun! I’ve been an Apple fan for a good 15 years — through their thin times approaching bankruptcy, and their good times with the success of the iMac and the iPod. But this is the first time they have such a sure-fire hit. Their ideas are usually good ones, but also usually pretty risky. For you sports fans, this is like the season’s underdog that everyone likes, but no one really expects to win, suddenly bursting out of the gate at the play-offs and rocking everyone’s socks off with an unbeaten streak.
Alas, I can’t get in line yet. Got a big demo at work today at 4:30 and some bugs to iron out before that, but once thats over I am gonna at least go check it out! Here’s a picture from the line at lunch. Gizmodo has line-up pictures from all over the country
Update 5:18pm – In line… about #100 out of 101…
Update 5:30pm – The Apple Store took the blinds off their windows so we could see in — nothing new really since lunch. Then all the employees came out with bottles of water and started handing them out to people in line (I declined, because I can’t afford to have to go pee 20 minutes from now!) They seemed to suggest that they’re OK on stock, and will be letting 20 people in at a time.
Update 5:42 – The store has an open WiFi, so I’ve been online. It just occured to me that so is everyone around me — and they all have Macs! So, fire up iChat, turn on Bonjour messaging and now I’m chatting with the geeks around me! This is wayy better than waiting in line for a hockey game 😉

5 thoughts on “OK…I might have lied

  1. He couldn’t have. They had a one per customer limit. And the funny thing is that the line was so short at the AT&T store that while Jon was just finally getting to the beginning of the line when I saw him, I left, stopped for a 5 minute chair massage, and got to the AT&T store where I was the first person to be turned away when they sold their last one right in front of me. I did go back by the Apple store about an hour later, the lines were gone, and they still had plenty in stock. I think I’ll wait a little before I buy one though. In the mean time I’ll play with Jon’s and see if I like it. 🙂

  2. You surprise me. After all that you wrote about driving your car without using the brakes just to save a few bucks on gas I find it unbelievable that you would go out and blow your money on a toy like this that will basically cost you $3,000 over the next two years! Where is the logic in that?

  3. That calculation — a popular one online that claims the iPhone will cost $2000 (not $3000) over 2 years, is very flawed. It makes the assumption that you don’t already have a cell phone — in actuality, the iPhone is only costing me $5 more a month than my previous phone. Total additional costs over the next 2 years, including the purchase of the phone, then are about $619. I’d challenge you to find a Blackberry that costs that little!

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