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It’s new cell phone/gadget refresh time at our house, so that means its time to liquidate some toys! Let me know if anyone wants to buy anything outside of eBay. As always, I take good care of my gadgets and they’re all in excellent condition…

4338_1.JPG The belle of the bunch, an iPod Video 5G 60GB, in superb condition. Includes the box and the original gear, plus a dock!
2f77_1.JPG Sold! Thanks for the hook-up John!
Only elite Apple geeks need apply. This is the original Apple portable communication device, and its in excellent condition. Its a real collectors item — especially because it includes the original installation media, manuals and box. I also have a Newton keyboard.
4c0a_1.JPG Perfect for hooking up your XBox, PS/2, Dreamcast or any network device without a WiFi card to your home wireless network. The Linksys WGS54G supports 802.11B and G networks and has worked flawlessly for us on a wide array of devices — no drivers needed!

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