6 months!!!

Wow can you believe that Ben is half a year old already? I can’t! Well this morning we got our last set of four shots and for the 9 month visit all we get a prick on the finger….I’m looking forward to that visit more then the previous ones. Today he weighs 18 lbs and 14 ozs….almost 19 lbs! And he is 26 inches long with very chubby thighs or thunder thighs as the doctor called them this morning. Now I can’t remember what Jon has mentioned in previous posts but I thought that I would let everyone know what accomplishments Ben has done so far.
All right here goes:
– He rolls front to back and back to front and if I’m not careful he’ll roll from the living room to the kitchen
– He eats rice cereal and has tried peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas and honeydew melon
– He also seems to think that he can feed himself by grabbing the spoon but then puts it too far in his mouth
– He has tried apple juice from a cup but still refuses to drink from a bottle
– Everything, and I mean everything, he finds on the floor goes in his mouth….even toes!
– He loves to swim even when the water is too cold and his bottom lip starts to quiver
– He likes to sleep on his tummy, like his mom, now that he can roll around
– He’s been sleeping through the night for 4 months…ya..some nights he just wakes up and we put in the soother and he’s back to sleep
– He can almost sit up unassisted but would prefer to stand with your assistance
– But he hasn’t yet figured out his bouncy seat….he just sits in it and twirls around….he did one very tiny jump but none since
– He loves to chew on his big cloth blocks and chase after his toy truck….and to grab my glasses off my face
– And as you all probably saw he does a pseudo-crawl thing by flinging himself across the floor
– Oh I almost forgot….he talks to his soother and to himself in the mirror…very cute!

4 thoughts on “6 months!!!

  1. Sounds like Ben is a very accomplished young man indeed! Congratulations. He looks so beautiful and healthy!

  2. We cannot get images to stream on the incredibly slow service in this country. So don’t trash the videos, and we will have a visual retropective when we get home.

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