Chariots of Benjamin

I tried, and failed, to describe Ben’s new method of locomotion the other day, using words. Perhaps this video, which Nic captured and I edited today, will better communicate our son’s unique way of getting around…

12 thoughts on “Chariots of Benjamin

  1. I have an extra hockey helmet he can borrow along with a chin guard to protect him for his faceplants if interested. LOL

  2. LOL! He’s hilarious. Your kid will have some serious bruises on his head and chest if this keeps up! I do still think it’s safer than Drew’s inital crawling methods. You’ll have to ask Chad and Leah for a demo.

  3. Hello everyone, Dad was here visiting me and told me about this web site… so we took a look… WOW he is really neat. So determined and focused on the task at hand.. Probably like his mother because it was mechanical toys he was after… Loved looked at the video. CU

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