Vertical Reality

Last night we had both a wrap-up and kick-off party, at our new campus. We ended our year of student ministry at the original campus, and started it up for the summer at the new one. We said good-bye to one student pastor, and welcomed another. And the Vertical Production Team got to put on one last show together in style.


It’s been a crazy and fun year, and we’ve learned a lot through it. Brian has done a fantastic job building an awesome student ministry, and its bittersweet to congratulate him as he moves on to his new position. But we have a great team of leaders, and some amazing students, and it was nice just to cut loose and hang out together.
I can’t say I’m not a little relieved that summer is here, and things can slow down a bit. But we do have some fun things planned for the next couple months — which I’m sure you’ll read about on the site. And it has been a year to remember: a year of VPT, Nine12 Serves, Backstreet Boys performances, the first ever Northway Missions team, and some great friends… Have an awesome summer everyone!

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