Benjamin can crawl!!

Actually, it’s more a crab-walk than a crawl. He pushes himself up on his fingers and toes, and then lets his body fall. You can tell he thinks he’s going to be moving forward — he sets his eyes on a toy that he wants — but it just doesn’t work out. Eventually he gives up and start rolling toward where he wants to go.
He’s also eating a lot more food. He’s not that big a fan of sweet potatoes — unless there’s brown sugar in them. But he does love carrots and makes “mmm hhhuuummm mmm” noises when he gets them.
And finally, our new favourite trick is what Nic has dubbed the “Happy Dance.” When he’s excited or glad to see you, he flails his limbs — all of them — around wildly and grins from ear-to-ear. It’s adorable.


Here’s my boy… asleep at a rock concert. If only I could sleep that easily!

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