Video of Where We Lived in Germany

OK, its pretty cheesy, but one of the students at the school my siblings and I attended in Kandern, Germany went on a motorbike ride around town and shot footage. If you’re at all interested in what Germany looks like, or what my life was like when I was 14, you should check out some of this video.
It’s rather long, but there are money shots around 3 minutes. At about 3:06 they drive down what was my normal bike ride to school. At about 3:40 they take a left into town, instead of a right toward the school, and it was pretty trippy to see that road and that practically nothing has changed. At about 7:10 they ride by the front of our school.
I don’t know either of the guys on the bike, and take no responsibility for their musical selection. But man, Germany was a beautiful place. Here’s the video

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