When I was a teen, I used to write poetry all the time. As an adult, though, I haven’t really been able to. The emotional angst that I felt back then had to be let out in some way, and poetry was a fun challenge. But nothing has really driven me to being that distraught in years.
Nothing, that is, save for the crappy laptop they gave me to use at work. The thing inspires such rage in me that I can’t contain it. So once again, I pick up the quill, and write my poetry…

An Ode to My Craptop

Oh Latitude D610, Dell Latitude D610
I’d be much better off with just a paper and pen
Your keys fall off at the drop of a hat
Why, oh why, must you play me like that?
Your screen is so small with resolution so high
I need a microscope to find the Start menu by
Exploding batteries aren’t the only dumb part —
Sometimes in the morning, you won’t even start
Your wireless connection is so very bad
It drops every 5 minutes and makes me SO MAD
Your performance is sluggish
Your tech specs are rubbish
Dell Latitude D610. My Dell Latitude D610
If you weren’t a corporate lease
   I’d throw your butt in a recycling bin

6 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Can you write a poem about the Macbook Pro? I would like a poem to dedicate to my laptop to make it feel good. LOL

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