This is my crew, in whom I am well pleased

This month, for Nine12 Serves, we went to a downtown soup kitchen to do an industrial cleaning.
This month, like the last 2 previous, the Vertical Production Team, has shown up faithfully at, or about, 7:30am in the morning, on their Saturday, ready, willing, and even joyful to serve God in a tangible way. Lending their strength, their spirit and their passion to some of the most humble, but important ministries in the area.
We mopped floors, we disinfected chairs, we polished counters, we cleaned windows, we scrubbed cabinets, and we asked God for His blessing on the people who serve, and are served in that kitchen, and in the little chapel attached.
These are not kids with lots of spare time on their hands. They have homework, they have sports, and almost all of them have their own ministry in the church that they help in. But they make an offering of their time so that they can show others the love of Christ who has saved them.
And I could not be more proud to know them, and to lead them.

4 thoughts on “This is my crew, in whom I am well pleased

  1. OH I just noticed…[un-related to the blog] the wavy things in your Welcome are like, the same ones in the church announcements, for one of those speaker guys comming at the end of august…woo! =P
    and thanks as well! [related to the blog]

  2. Nor we of our son who has learned the value of committment and service and is able to impart that knowledge to others. That is a wonderful blessing to us who are so far away.

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