Ok for someone like me, me being Nicole, I really really hate spiders. Not sure why they just creap me out. After I see one I feel like it is crawling up my leg….ugh. Anyway in the last two days I have seen, so far, 6 spiders. And to top it off Jon wasn’t home for any of the sighting so I have to kill them since I couldn’t stand to know they were in the house. Now I don’t squash them normally, I just suck them up in the vacuum and leave it outside for Jon when he comes home…hehehe.

The worst kind I think are the black fuzzy ones that are about the size of a quarter….those really freak me out and we have had TWO in our bathroom so far. Oh and to top it off, like I mentioned earlier about the fear of one crawling up my leg well it happened last night when I was feeding Benjamin. I thought I felt something but every time I looked there wasn’t anything there except after like the fifth time looking there was one crawling over my foot so I grab a box near by and start pounding it but the thing would not die especially since it was on the carpet…after ten times it was finally dead!

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