I Spit and Stutter Stuff and Clutter

  • I was in the mall the other day with Benjamin, and a greeter at a store stopped me and said “You know there’s an amber alert? You should have a ID wrist band for your baby.” Pretty sure no one ever told me that in Canada.
  • Friendly’s makes a really awesome bowl of clam chowder!
  • There’s this guy I see every day (not saying where) who I think is convinced that he’s in like a porn movie or something. Every time I see him, he’s wearing a dress shirt with a gianormous collar, a whole bottle of cologne, and the greasiest hair product you’ve ever seen… and he always looks like he’s posing. Kinda like the Brian Howe look, only creepy…
  • This weekend was widely varied, and somewhat crazy. I saw Spiderman 3 though (sorry Karl, I went without you) and it was pretty good.
  • We got our Y membership on Saturday. Hope we get the chance to actually use it!
  • I miss meat so much…

5 thoughts on “I Spit and Stutter Stuff and Clutter

  1. Meat is tastey! Speaking of meat… Some chick asked me if I ate meat and I said yes so she gave me a Peta sticker that said “100% Cruelty free”
    I loled

  2. Ha ha, some day I’m gonna follow Brian around with a camera, and record how many times he does the pouty face!
    Don’t worry, his look isn’t creepy. Just mildly amusing and somewhat Zoolander-esque ;o)

  3. ummm as Brian Howe…I would love for you to follow me around with a camera someday. haha. Also this, please go to Boston and eat some real chowder…Friendly’s is fake!

  4. Wny do you miss meat? It is a major contributor to global warming – if you have kids, then you should care

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