Other Small Victories

On my last tank of gas, I set an incredible new record: 689km on 45 liters. That’s getting pretty close to 40 miles to the gallon. I attribute my success to: some extra highway driving, fixing my tire pressure, and finally getting my snow tires off (with the help of my good friend Jon Bates, since I’m too gimpy to do it myself right now).
Since Monday I’ve been getting more and more use out of my arm. I can lift things, open things, and hook-up cables (an important part of my life) with a fair bit of ease! The arm still looks nasty, but it’s coming along, and it feels great to be (somewhat) ambidextrous again!
Tonite we’re heading toward PA to meet up with a wonderful young couple that used to be in our small group at home — before they picked up and moved to Africa to be missionaries there. They’re back in North America for a brief furlough, due to political unrest (dangerous rioting) in the city they live in, and we’ve been trying for weeks to find an evening we were both free so we could hear their stories. I can’t wait to find out about what God has done in them and through them…

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