Ugly People Put Your Hands Down!

This weekend we took our crew to the Portable Sounds Tour’s final show here in New York. Family Force 5 was great — although their set was too short. TFK was good, as always — although they’re lookin a little old. And Toby Mac was, for me, the surprise hit of the show! They were just awesome.
Here we are throwing up our rock fists, shortly after getting kicked out of Toys R Us!
Ben’s working on standing up — he really likes doing it, and is very determined to use his legs for almost everything. You should see him kick when he’s excited! Here he’s trying to stand up in the hamper — he didn’t last long!
My family — a couple weeks ago before we all went our separate ways around the world!
More pictures are loading into my Flickr account right now. Should be up soon…

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