Significant Parts of My Body are Held Together by Tape

This weekend we’re going to a concert — Toby Mac, Thousand Foot Krutch and Family Force 5. If P.O.D. were there (and didn’t play any of their Jamaican music) this would be the greatest Christian rock event in history. Even without them, it’s gonna be pretty amazing.
I’m a little nervous though — last time I went to a concert, I blew out my elbow and shredded my arm. Here’s hoping I don’t get injured again this weekend…

5 thoughts on “Significant Parts of My Body are Held Together by Tape

  1. Just went to our webmail. We can get mail just fine but we can’t get back out and we can’t Skype at the moment. We’ll get it sorted out. Meantime if we want to write to you it will have to be a blog comment.
    Went to Chad and Nicole’s site and left our cell phone numbers. Don’t know the country code yet, but my number is 017.295.8053

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