Adventure Talk I’d like it if the video spoke for itself, but sometimes I’m not sure if I’m getting out what I really want to say. Like my mind has ideas, and it chooses words to associate with those ideas, but then when I say them, I’m not sure if they convey it properly, or if their just words, and the idea is still locked in my brain. I think I said what I wanted to say. Something like… I’ve got to go places where people do amazing things, and this is why I can’t sit still, and this is why I believe God’s plan for us includes the verb “GO!”
Anyway, it’s a good 20 minutes long, and I did the best I could on the editing, but one of our cameras didn’t look real good, so I had to kinda work around it. Also, there’s two times during my talk where I had to tell some sk8r boiz to shut up — don’t worry, I’m not yelling at you ;o)
Click here to see the video…
Speaking of GOing. My parents left for Malaysia on Monday. Have a great trip guys, can’t wait to go over there and visit!

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  1. Good Job Jon! I am very proud of you, you were very well spoken (as always) your life is amazing, and the message I think is clear. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Excellent management of the sk8r boiz, you make me proud with your authority!

  2. Jon – I really enjoyed watching your video! It’s clear God is doing big things with you guys there 🙂 And I must say that your son is STINKIN CUTE! If he’s okay with an older woman we could work out the deal on an arranged marriage for he and Savannah 🙂

  3. Excellent job!
    One analogy that I was taught a long time ago about how God works is in regards to a canoe and rapids.
    All too often we sit on the shore waiting for God to tell us what direction to go in. Although, God is just asking us to Jump in our canoe and paddle. Sometimes, we will find ourselves going against the flow (making the wrong decision or God wants us to do something different). Then, he simply asks us to turn around and keep paddling.
    He doesn’t want us to coast, go with the flow or try to paddle against Him. He just wants us to give everything we have for Him and he will work everything out.
    Sometimes we just have to step out and take a chance. If it’s not what God wants, He will let us know. However, if we are trusting fully in Him and we step out, we will typically paddle in the way He plans for us.
    I hope that makes sense because I’m tired. LOL

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