Faced with a Choice?

Have you ever been faced with a choice? Not the easy kind where you’re choosing between right and wrong, but the tough kind — when you’re choosing between multiple, and equally good options…
For example, when I applied to college, I had abysmal grades, and on top of that, I was graduating a year ahead of every one else. In short, I was not expecting to get in to many colleges. So to hedge my bets, I applied to 5, hoping that maybe one would accept me, and that would be a clear sign from God that I should go that school.
Then the letters started coming back. For some reason, all 5 schools wanted me. I was so confused — and I told God as much. How on earth was I supposed to know what He wanted for my life, when He wouldn’t narrow it down at all for me?! All 5 schools were good — one was even a Bible School.
I have learned since, that very often, God’s plan for our lives isn’t really affected by “big” decisions like these. What He really wants for us is to get off our butts and do something. The question came up in a conversation today, and I was so excited that I could answer it from what God’s taught me, that I had to post my (somewhat lengthy) reply here…
We have a tendancy to think “OK God, as soon as you spell out every detail of your plan for my life, I’ll get started working on it.”
The reality is God never does that — if He did, we wouldn’t have to trust Him!
Our job is to take a step toward Him in Faith, and to keep taking those steps one at a time.

We have no expectation of knowing what He’s going to do. But we trust Him with each step… and then we look back at where we’ve come — at the path we’ve travelled — and find that He DID have a plan for us, and it was brilliant. And He HAS guided us every step of the way… one step at a time.
Just take a step — God will guide your path, but you need to do the walking.
Over and over in my life, God’s made it abundantly clear that He doesn’t care where I go — all He wanted was for me to go…

when He DOES have a specific place in mind, He’ll keep pointing you back there. With each step you take forward you’ll find your angle adjusted slightly so that you’re pointing in that direction. And He doesn’t punish you for not knowing. He blesses you for moving forward, and gently guides you where He wants you.
God is infinitely patient, and what He asks for from us is not understanding of the universe, or the ability to see the future. He simply asks for obedience and trust. Step forward — in any direction — and watch how He guides you.
Like I said, you probably won’t be able to see it until you look back on the path you’ve been down. But when you do see that, you’ll be glad you started moving forward, and you’ll be in awe of the wonder of His love for you…

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