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“No. I have a deep feeling of faith, a deep religiosity that comes from my appreciation of the way the Lord made the universe” – Albert Einstein, when someone suggested he was an atheist.
I got 670km (416 miles) to my last tank of gas! That’s 30km more than I’ve ever gotten before, and 70km above my highway average — and I still have my snow tires on! I drove in circles around the gas station parking lot to get from 668 to 670km — I didn’t want to fill up until I got that number. My original goal of 700km to a tank seems kinda small now, so I’m shooting for 750, once I get my snow tires off.
Our Easter services were insane this weekend! Saturday night we had over 750 people in our little gym-church. It was standing room only! Too bad the HD playback choked on us on Sunday. Fortunately God isn’t limited by the imperfections of the software we were using!
And, best for last: Our friend’s Jason and Brooke are about to be parents! We got a text message from Brooke this morning at 7:05 saying she was in labor. We can’t wait for Benjamin to have a little girlfriend to hang out with!
PS: New Benjamin pics in the sidebar on the right…

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