My Hands Are Small I Know…

Benjamin has hit a major developmental milestone: he’s discovered his hands!
Previously his hands were just things that flopped around, and sometimes ended up in his mouth — or scratching his face. They didn’t really get any more interesting to him until he figured out that he could actually control when they went in his mouth. And for awhile, that was pretty satisfying. Anytime there was no pacifier available (and sometimes even when the pacifier was already in his mouth) he could shove his little fist in there and drool all over it.
But some time yesterday, as he was chillin in his chair, he realised that he could use his hands to pull other things into his mouth! He’s still a little shaky with this new skill — sometimes he’s as surprised as we are that he’s suddenly holding on to something — but still, he can do it, so us worried parents can breathe yet another sigh of relief in the knowledge that, so far, our kid is pretty normal — and unusually good looking and adorable.

4 thoughts on “My Hands Are Small I Know…

  1. You know he is plotting something big… “With the right amount of crying… I can get my daddy over here and as soon as he picks me up… WACK and the house will be mine because I am the only man left! Har har har! I am such a ninja. Pirates suck.”
    What every baby is thinking when they look like this.

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