Digg Storm

Well I think the excitement has mostly died down now. That’s the thing about Digg storms — they’re furious, but they’re brief!
I posted my article about my little AppleScript hack to make my Mini look like an AppleTV, and I guess people liked it! I got 1250 hits inside an hour, so we moved the file to my friend Jon Bates’ server and he got 950 hits within 30 minutes! He burned through his 1GB bandwidth quota pretty quick, and is currently sitting at around 2.5GB! I clocked in at over 7000 hits this evening, Bates got over 1200. I have no idea what my bandwidth usage is — I’m just using our residential cable Internet going to a little Dell server in my bedroom closet. Hopefully Time Warner won’t notice and we won’t see a bill for it!
I was just sitting around minding my own business, when I noticed that websites were loading slowly, so I checked and my poor $30 server was practically smoking!!
Ah well, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. I’ve actually had two. A couple years ago I made the front page of Slashdot, because of a Wired article I was interviewed for about the Apple Newton — I forgot to include my website that time, so I only got Google traffic — and it still nearly squashed me!
Anyway, if any of you Diggers are still around, thanks for the poop storm of traffic! Hope you’re enjoying your Mac hacking! The more people working on this, the more functionality we’ll be able to get for free! Stop by any time 😉
Update: Looks like I got honorable mention on Wired and ZDNet too! Hello world, please keep in mind this is just a little script. Of all the hacks out there, this is by far the least elite. Check out the work other people are doing at the links above!

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