Things I learned on my "vacation" week…

  • Our son is pretty much the cutest thing ever invented. Ever.
  • When the Doctor is too behind to see you today, reschedule — don’t settle for the Physicians Assistant!
  • I’m actually pretty darn good at my job, and when I take some pride in it, and a little bit of ownership of my work life, it’s actually still kinda fun.
  • The Vertical Production Team rocks! Course I knew that already, but I was still pretty impressed that they had it under control this week.
  • Northway has a LOT of volunteers. And it was a lot of fun hanging out with them.
  • As cool as it is running things in the media booth, it’s pretty great being able sing with the rest of the congregation every once in awhile too!
  • I do too much. Not a lot too much, but I need to shave about 5 hours off my work week. Which means something’s gotta go… I’m just not sure what!
  • God is bigger than me. Way bigger. I gotta let Him do his work, and stop assuming He needs me to run to the show.

2 thoughts on “Things I learned on my "vacation" week…

  1. wow. your pretty smart. and you definatly need to do LESS. and yes, benjamin is really stinking cute! even when he cries for like an hour for no reason! LOL

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