Benjamin's Music Video

I’ve been told that I need to post more pictures of Benjamin, cause he’s the main draw of the site. And here I thought it was my insightful writing and witty banter. Oh well, here he dancing is in his first music video. You can tell he’s trying to crawl, but he can’t quite figure it out. He’s seems determined that his mouth is involved somehow…

The song is Earthquake by Family Force 5. There’s more pictures coming in the Flickr photostream on the right — whenever it decides it wants to update itself…

7 thoughts on “Benjamin's Music Video

  1. Tell him to use his hands! LOL
    That’s a pretty sweet video. Good to see he is active and trying to move around.
    By the way, enjoy the fact he can’t move around, because soon enough you’ll be chasing him around everywhere. LOL

  2. I feel bad that he looks like he’s struggling so hard to crawl…and you guys just sat there and filmed him…but I’m really glad you did because it’s really cute!

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