TV Sucks These Days…

Actual quotes from last night’s episode of The Unit…
“Hello. I have come to inquire as to whether or not I can borrow your vehicle, as mine is in the repair shop.”
“Of course you may.”
“What is it you are doing?”
“My daughter has indicated to me that she is in interested in a new hobby.”
“I understand. Our friends have indicated to me that you may be in some fiscal distress. Please advise me as to how I can assist you.”
“No assistance is necessary, but thank you.”
“OK. You know where I am if you need any help.”
“Yes I do. You live right across the street.”
“That’s right. Good bye now.”
I really love the show, and the story lines are generally very interesting. But they need to shoot who ever writes their dialog. They sound like a 6th grader who recently discovered a dictionary and likes to randomly insert big words into lines that should only have to be recited by robots… I want the Office to be back on!

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