Things I've Observed

All pasta tastes better re-heated
I don’t know why, but everything from lasagna, to the custom pasta dish I got at Macaroni Grill (thank you Debbie and Northway Church for a nice date night) tastes even better a day later, re-heated in the microwave.
Americans must like pain killers
Every time I go to a doctor down here, they offer me “pain management” and are totally shocked when I decline, or opt to just take Tylenol when I really need it.
3 jobs is stressful
But it forces you to get really good at delegating.
Babies don’t like McDonald’s
If you think it does nasty things to you on the way through your digestive system, you should hear how a baby reacts when McDonald’s-based breast milk goes through his system.
God knew what He was doing when He gave us two arms
Seriously, doing everything one-handed is a pain in the butt!

One thought on “Things I've Observed

  1. Curry not only tastes better reheated, but gains in taste from letting the spices soak in. I guess we were just born to live in Asia.

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