3 Jobs, 3 Kinds of Pain

This week our pastor, and my friend Dave, are in Israel shooting footage for our Easter service. It’s called 24, and it’s going to be about the last 24 hours of Christ’s life. I’m really excited for Dave, cause this is his first time off the continent, but not as excited for myself — I got assigned his job this week while he’s gone. That makes 3 jobs I’m doing this week, and coincidently (but not related to any of them directly) I’m in 3 unique kinds of pain.
For my day job writing software, I have these horrible migraines that throb in time with the other pain.
For my second job managing I.T. I’m experiencing yet another round of hobbling lower back pain.
And for my new job this week, a gimpy arm that needs to be checked every day by a doctor.
Its only Monday, but I can already tell it’s going to be an awesome week. Fortunately, I put a sick day to use to deal with the doctor stuff (and avoid oozing from the arm at the office), and I’ve enlisted some help for my third job — thanks Steve, Bates and Joey! Now if only I could get my body to help out…

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