Through the Looking Glass…

I need to learn to slow down.
Usually when I say that, I mean metaphorically. Like “slow down” in the race of life type thing. But this time, I mean “slow down” like don’t go through doors so fast!
I’ll post more on this later, but our winter retreat, Elevate, was a blast. We had an awesome group of students from our church, and met up with 3 other churches, for a weekend of rock climbing, sphere evasion, tubing, and learning about God. The speaker was incredible, and the music was great.
I ended up spending most of my time running the random and assorted equipment, so I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of “relationship building” time until Saturday night. Nic and I were hanging out with some students in front of a fireplace in the lobby, when James decided to start a wet willy war. Obviously I couldn’t let that stand, and things ended up with him chasing me out the front door — literally.
My right arm connected with the door handle, my left arm smashed through the glass. I was outside before I heard the glass hitting the ground, and knew immediately (even though I couldn’t feel anything yet) that this wasn’t going to be good. I looked down at my arm and saw muscle — and blood pooling and splashing out around it. Most spectators panicked. All I could think about was getting the situation dealt with and my responsibilities covered for the night.
I ended up on a stretcher, getting loaded into an ambulance — I’m told I was still shouting instructions even as they drove me off to the hospital. Fortunately James was along, with a very small cut, to keep me company.
I have one wound on the top of my arm stitched up, and 3 gashes on my under-arm with gel-foam in them to help them heal — they were too wide to be sutured. I lost some blood, because I just grazed an artery, but it obviously could have been worse. I was on morphine for most of the rest of the evening, but the pain is manageable enough now that I just need anti-biotics and a daily wound check for the rest of the week.
Better stuff happened this week, but I’ll blog about that later. Until then, enjoy this picture of my bloodied sneaker!

11 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass…

  1. nice shoe. u should frame it. it wasnt a small cut. but i could have easily cut that main vein in my wrist

  2. Thanks everyone, and thank you Kristy (and Molly and Libby) for watching Ben for us! We think he misses you guys cause he’s very grumpy today!

  3. The biggest advantage I see to Jon getting hurt is that a leader got hurt and not one of the students. LOL
    Just kidding Jon. I hope that you are okay and you’ll have to fill me in some more about your weekend.

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